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This video contains major spoilers for Tower of God Season 2! If you're haven't read the Floor of Death Arc I recommend not watching the video. Maybe this vi.. Major Spoilers Tower Of God Season 2 Bam Finally Says Goodbye Fug wouldve eventually captured baam. Tower of god rachel x baam. Being an irregular and apparently much more informed than baam or urek about the bigger picture and situation especially after having been assigned her mission by the floor 1 administrator headon rachel has used her greater knowledge of the tower to her advantage. However, fans now have another shocking betrayal to add to the list, with Tower of God's female lead Rachel pushing her childhood friend Bam to his 'death'. Tower of God has been a superb series so.. This is what makes the protagonist interesting, badass and realistic in my opinion. Rachel's expression when Baam said goodbye to her was priceless, she didn't see that coming! But there is always a catch, and this is also the reason why I say this chapter was great as a stand-alone chapter. Thing is, Baam said many great things before, he sure did. But his actions and the course of the plot.

At the end of Episode 3 of Tower of God, Bam thinks he spots a familiar face from across the battle arena of the Crown Game: Rachel. Rachel is the mysterious blonde-haired girl who Bam formed a familial relationship with outside of the Tower. When she entered it in the hopes of seeing stars at its summit, Bam followed after her like a lovesick puppy. Until now, her whereabouts were unknown. Twenty-Fifth Baam (스물다섯번째 밤, Seumooldahseotbeonjjae Bahm; Twenty-Fifth Night ) or simply Baam for short, is an Irregular and the main protagonist of Tower of God. Baam entered the Tower in search of his best friend Rachel, another Irregular, who wanted to climb to the top of the Tower and see the stars According to SIU, both Rachel and Baam are deeply connected. To Rachel, Baam was the night and her darkness and to Baam, Rachel was his star and his light. It's unknown if Baam's new name (Viole), which also implies star in Korean has any foreshadowing or implications for their future relationship

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  1. Tower of God is a South Korean web-toon written and drawn by Lee Jong-hui, also known by the pen-name SIU. The story revolves around a boy named Baam. Baam only has one person that he loves and cares about, and that is his friend Rachel. When Rachel goes into the Tower, Baam follows her
  2. Rachel specifically said that she didn't care what Baam was to Arlene, so I guess you could take this as she didn't want to be the same thing Baam was to Arlene. What she did want, though, was to fulfill the TASK that Baam was supposedly destined to fulfill, not to take his place regarding who he is. Sort of like, for example, a child being told that they should become the head of a.
  3. Baam basically went along with it while not caring, only wanting the Thorn Fragment. Rachel too, to a lesser extent, but her vibe was feeling stuck with him in that moment and just cuz of the Thorn Fragment, she put up with it until the end
  4. Tower of god baam and rachel. Rachel betrayed baam to go up the tower even tbo baam and all his team was decided to climb with her. Although having no experiences in fighting baam has already shown his most dangerous ability that is quick learning. About careers press advertise blog terms content policy. Tower of god shows that you are what you do not what you may or may not think. Tower of.
  5. When Rachel pushes Bam to his (not so) certain doom in Tower of God's penultimate episode, Season 1's true villain is born. Rather than blossom into a love interest, Rachel became Bam's ultimate rival, which is a brilliant subversion of what you'd expect from a shonen-leaning series. Because of it, there's a great deal of vitriol toward her in the series' fandom
  6. Tower of God aka Chasing Rachel mostly revolves around Baam, a yandere main character whose purpose for entering the Tower of God is to chase after a blonde girl who is precious to him. You see, Baam used to live in a dark cave. He was always alone there. There was a hole in the ceiling that admitted light

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The only thing Bam wanted to do was to be with Rachel and help her climb the tower. However, in Tower of God Episode 12, she mercilessly pushes him to his supposed death as they were about to win the Submerged Fish Hunt test. Rachel's sudden betrayal left the fans aghast as they struggled to grasp the reason behind her actions Tower of God viewers were dumbfounded when Rachel pushes Baam out of the bubble because there were so many layers to the betrayal. First, she pretends to be restricted to a wheelchair for years, and then we discover that when she wasn't chosen to enter the tower on her own, she strikes a deal with Headon which is probably the reason why she felt compelled to violate their friendship the way. Since almost everyone here love's ToG like me, for manga readers here's the scene we hated the most. Thank you for watching!Don't forget to like and subscrib.. Tower of god baam and rachel reunite. The god of guardians notices immediately that baam is an irregular who had opened the gates of the tower similarly to zahard. He reveals that he trained the great warriors along with zahard and helped unlock their true power which baam later partakes in. Part 1 together with akryung rachel was teleported to the evankhells floor

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The only reason why is able to be in the tower is because Baam open the door on top of her by mistake, this causing both of them to fall in. In the flash back, Headon only let's Rachel to climb the tower after trying to kick her is due to a deal that they made Rachel (Tower of God) (416) Twenty-Fifth Baam | Jyu Viole Grace (373) Khun Aguero Agnis (340) Rak Wraithraiser (160) Androssi Zahard (152) Ship Leesoo (137) Hatsu (Tower of God) (109) Hwa Ryun (90) Anak Zahard Jr. (87) Ja Wangnan (76) Include Relationships Khun Aguero Agnis/Twenty-Fifth Baam | Jyu Viole Grace (246 Plot. Tower of God centers around a boy named Twenty-Fifth Bam. It is notable that in Korea 'Bam' can mean 'Night' or 'Chestnut', giving him a religious connotation of being the messiah. [clarification needed] He has spent most of his life trapped beneath a vast and mysterious Tower, with only his close friend, Rachel, to keep him company.. When Rachel enters the Tower, Bam is devast His goal to pursue Rachel gives Tower of God's Bam a defined personality. A distinct personality for Bam is carved right out of the gate by giving him a goal to pursue. He is describable, rather than blank. Neo and Kirito almost repel adjectives at the beginning of their journeys; there is nothing rigid that defines them at the start. Bam, on the other hand, is tenacious, determined, brave. The 12th story arc of the Tower of God series consisting of chapters 75 - 78 from the first season. The arc centers around Rachel's side of the story that went on while Bam was completing the 1st and 2nd Floors of the Tower, as well as the after-effects of the final Floor of Tests exam. Arc 11 | Return to the main Tower of God recap page. | Arc.

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  1. ate up to 3 of your favorite characters. [Feel free to say why you like them and why they deserve a vote.] Those names will be added to the poll at the top of the page. In that poll you can can vote for up to 5 candidates. [Your votes can.
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  3. For the Tower of God anime, staying with Bam and Rachel in the English subtitles was a decision to synchronize between the original WEBTOON series and the anime

Tower of God [Season 2] Ep. 152. Previous Episode #232 Next Episode [Season 1] Ep. 0 [Season 1] Ep. 1 - 1F.Headon's Floor [Season 1] Ep. 2 [Season 1] Ep. 3 [Season 1] Ep. 4 [Season 1] Ep. 5 [Season 1] Ep. 6 [Season 1] Ep. 7 [Season 1] Ep. 8 [Season 1] Ep. 9 [Season 1] Ep. 10 [Season 1] Ep. 11 [Season 1] Ep. 12 [Season 1] Ep. 13 [Season 1] Ep. 14 [Season 1] Ep. 15 [Season 1] Ep. 16 [Season 1. Rachel nằm trên giường, hai mắt mở thao láo. Cô đã nằm trên giường mấy tiếng liền, cố gắng để cảm nhận sự rung lắc âm ỉ của động cơ Tàu lửa, cố gắng để tập trung vào tiếng ồn trắng và những rung động mà bình thường là đủ để ru cô vào giấc ngủ. Thế nhưng tối nay, sự im lặng bị phá vỡ bởi. Tower Of God, Khun, Twenty-fifth baam, Jue Viole Grace, #### Floor 1, Rachel, Rak. Type. Shirt. Genres. All Updated. May. 07, 2020 (by Swingset68) Description. Tower Of God, Khun, Twenty-fifth baam, Jue Viole Grace, #### Floor 1, Rachel, Rak . Read More. Read More. 71. Report Item Comments. Post Comment. username. text. 4 hours ago. See More. Close. Customize your avatar with the Tower Of God.

Saved from cafeptthumb-phinf.pstatic.net. Tower of god [TOG] Baam and Rachel ugh Rachel Read about Baam and Rachel by Tower of God Unreleased Soundtrack and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists Momoland releases Japanese version dance MV for 'BAAM' Momoland released their most recent comeback single 'BAAM' in Japanese. On 19th November the group released a Japanese version dance MV for their single 'BAAM'. The dance itself is similar to the Korean version. The dance video is really captivating because it captures aspects o

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You want a love that consumes you. You want passion and adventure, and even a little danger...Damon's first words to Elena in The Departed The relationship between the cured vampire/human doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert and the cured vampire/human, Damon Salvatore, is a complicated, but a popular and powerful romantic pairing, and a significant relationship in the series. Though initially started. Baam Tower of God. Inside the cave, there was only one source of light, towards which Baam built a huge tower made of stones. After climbing his tower, Baam found the light, which was unreachable, shining through a crack in the high cave ceiling. This caused him to get upset, but as this happened the rock above broke off and, a girl with it, Rachel fell. Rachel became Baam's only friend and. Just as there are arguments regarding the best movie ever made, there are arguments regarding the worst. And there are a lot to choose from: https://en.wikipedia.org. It is fantastic that Rebecca McLaughlin has written 10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask (and Answer) about Christianity. (Can you tell my oldest son turns thirteen this year?) She starts the book with a superb analogy that is not only true of teenagers Well known investor Jim Rogers, who made his fortune during the 1970's crisis by investing in commodities like precious metals, has long-warned about the calamity faced by, no

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CSP Rachel Inns arrives at Sun Hill in June 2007, and on her first day, is tasked with working on the murder of supermodel Cindy Statham, who she went to school with. During her time, she befriends crime scene examiner Lorna Hart, in an attempt to disguise her real intentions. It is later discovered by D

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WHY did Rachel betray Baam? Why did she push Baam

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